Dress Code

We value students’ ability to express themselves through what they wear. We ask that students dress appropriately (positive expression, school appropriate, no hats/hoods on indoors, etc.) for school. Please, no flip flops or footwear with skates (ex: Heelys). Tennis shoes are best as we are outside for recess daily and also for gym classes. The classroom teacher or administration will notify parents/guardians if there is an issue with dress. 

Students should dress for weather – weather in Colorado changes quickly so please ensure students have layers. Please label all outer garments and your child’s backpack with their full name. Children should be able to get themselves into and out of their clothing without assistance, including buttons, snaps, and ties. 

For ECE and Kindergarten-Please be sure that your child has a full change of clothing, appropriate for the weather, in his or her backpack at all times.  Even for children that are fully potty trained, accidents happen. In addition, sometimes children get wet on the playground, get sick, spill food or drink on their clothing etc. If they do not have a change of clothing, someone will need to bring a change of clothes, and in the case of potty accidents*, they will not be allowed to return to class until they have changed their clothing.

Beach Court Spirit Wear-Coming soon!