The Beach Court PTO supports the students, teachers and staff of Beach Court. The PTO provides classroom seminar opportunities, meals to teachers during conferences, schools supplies to children, classroom supplies to teachers and more! The PTO sponsors a few fundraisers in order to pay for the expenses above. We meet once a month in Room 109 and keep our meeting close to 1 hour in length. Spanish translation is available.

We hope you will join us!

If you are interested in joining us, you can reach us:

PTO Meeting Notes:

Good evening all, 

Below are the minutes and action items from the recent meeting. Next meeting will be held on 5/15 at 3:30pm – room 109. Thank you for your input and efforts so far. It feels like we are off to a promising start. 


Lydia Avila Burciaga, Adrian Burciaga, Brenna Wegman, Rachel Nickonov


  • Upcoming fundraising opportunities
  • Bylaws creation
  • Fundraising priorities


  • Fundraising:
    • April dance was canceled
    • Brenna will continue to run the concession stand at flag football. Reinvesting funds into snacks to continue to grow PTO funds
    • [ ] Action: Rachel to create a banner that notes funds raised go to starting a PTO.
    • [ ] Action: Rachel to look into opening a BCE PTO Venmo for events
    • Looking at fundraising opportunities for Carnival and Field day
    • [ ] Action: Lydia to confirm if her friend with the dessert cart is available on the 30th and open to selling items and donating a portion of the profits. 
    • [x] Action: Brenna to confirm with Liz the cart can be facilitated on field day.
      • Action completed – Liz has confirmed this is fine.
    • Graduation fundraising ideas FOR 2024/25
      • Balloons
      • Badges
    • Trunk or treat
  • 100-year celebration will be held during carnival in the 24/25 school year. A committee will be set up and assistance from the PTO has been requested
  • Fundraising priorities – the first objective is to register for charity status. We will set further goals from there.
  • Skyline festival booth suggested for PTO/BCE promotion.
  • Bylaws draft to be put together based on other schools and will be edited by the group in the next meeting. 

Please reach out if any questions or updates. 

Thank you

Rachel Nickonov on behalf of Beach Court PTO