Educational Programs

  • CHANGE IN 4/5th GRADE PROGRAMMING-Each 4/5th grade student has TWO teachers: One for literacy and social studies, and one for math and science.
  • 3 Hour Literacy Block-including a 1 hour fluid guided reading block for each child’s individual reading needs
  • 45 Minutes of World Language
  • Project-based learning in Literacy, Science and Social Science
  • 75 Minutes of Inquiry-Based Math using Bridges
  • 135 minutes of Campos EPC Smart Lab weekly
  • Physical Education/Movement
  • Music/Drama
  • Art
  • Library Media Center
  • Technology Lab
  • Specialized Services – Speech Therapy, Mild/Moderate Special Education, Occupational Therapy, Psychologist/Counseling, Nurse
  • Gifted and Talented Program-individualized support and classroom “push in” support to meet individual student needs
  • Denver Public Library weekly Reading Rocket
  • LLI Reading Intervention
  • Beach Court is proud to be partnering with Playworks for outdoor play! Visit for more information!

Extracurricular Programs

  • Lights on After School
  • Read and Swing with First Tee Golf
  • Colorado Ballet
  • Advanced Brain Gym Reading¬†Program
  • Rocky Mountain Children’s Choir
  • Soccer for Success-Soccer with US Soccer
  • Beach Court Athletic Club
  • Beach Court Technology Club featuring keyboarding and computer coding
  • Beach Court Math Tutoring featuring IXL and NTCM Math Illuminations
  • Student Council
  • Debate Club with Regis University Professors and students.