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Academics/Programs&Gifted and Talented

Be Challenged

Beach Court sets the bar high! Our standards-based academic program sets high expectations for all students and clearly defines what students should know and what students should be able to do. Teachers work in Professional Learning Communities to hone their craft,  refine instruction and personalize learning for each student. Our teachers participate in professional development and implementation of the Cluster Model for Gifted and Talented students as well as Depth and Complexity lessons and teaching.

What is Cluster Grouping? Cluster grouping is an educational process in which four to six Gifted and Talented (GT) and/or Talent Pool Identified students are assigned to an otherwise heterogeneous classroom within their grade to be instructed by a teacher that has had specialized training in differentiating for gifted learners.

Beach Court has a strong Gifted and Talented (GT) program and talent development for our students who have not yet been formally identified, and we believe in meeting students where they are academically and effectively. Teachers have high expectations for meeting the needs of our GT students through rigorous, inquiry based, differentiated lessons, and the support of “push in” services. Here are just a few of the ways we support our GT students:
·      Inquiry Based Learning with Thinking Strategies
·      Extension Menus
·      Independent Study
·      Depth and Complexity
·      Personalized Learning
Visit out GT Coordinator’s site at 


Be Supported

Beach Court is dedicated to helping Spanish-speaking students successfully continue learning in Spanish while also learning to read, write, speak and listen in English. Children who qualify for our Transitional Native Language Instruction program begin learning English right away while continuing to develop in Spanish, with support from a teacher who is specially trained to work with Spanish-speaking children and communicate with parents in Spanish. This is very important because students’ knowledge and skills in literacy, math, science and social studies develop faster with this extra support. The transition from learning in Spanish to learning in English is personalized for each student – each child will begin learning in English the very moment he or she is ready! We are aiming for bi-literate and bilingual students!

Beach Court students participate in a daily World Language Block where Spanish-speakers learn English and English-speakers learn Spanish.

Beach Court is a Conscious Discipline school. We believe is developing self-regulation, mindfulness and practice a school-wide restorative approach. Classrooms spend each morning in a classroom morning meeting and Fridays in a school-wide community meeting. For more information on Conscious Discipline, visit

Educational Programs: Beach Court is a STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics) School!

  • 3 Hour Literacy Block (Expeditionary Learning, Project-Based Learning,  Daily 5, including a school-wide one hour Guided Reading block with flexible grouping)
  • Workshop Model lessons with Thinking Strategies
  • Tools of the Mind in all ECE, Kindergarten and First Grade Classrooms
  • 45 Minutes of World Language for every child! (Spanish for English-speakers and English for Spanish-speakers)
  • 75 Minutes of Bridges Inquiry-based Math
  • Accelerated Reader-Independent Reading and Comprehension Support
  • Physical Education/Movement
  • Music/Drama/Art
  • Library Media Center
  • Personalized Learning-Beach Court partners with the Imaginarium to ensure each child’s learning is personalized. Visit
  • Technology Lab-STEM Lab visit for more information
  • Specialized Services – Speech Therapy, Mild/Moderate Special Education, Occupational Therapy, Psychologist Counseling, Nurse/Health Tech
  • Gifted and Talented Program
  • Early Childhood Education
  • Kindergarten

Beach Court is a TNLI school! What is TNLI?
The TNLI program supports students’ native language development as they learn English so that students become bilingual and bi-literate. Students enrolled in the TNLI program will receive instruction in Spanish and English in kindergarten through fifth grade. Over time, instruction will move from being primarily in Spanish to being about half Spanish and English. Every grade level incorporates the strategic use of two languages, with the ultimate goal being proficiency in both languages. We know that building conceptual knowledge in students’ native language helps them be more successful in English and their native language. TNLI is offered to students whose first language is Spanish.

Extracurricular Programs:

  • Boys and Girls Club for students ages 5 (and in Kindergarten) through 5th grade
  • Colorado Ballet
  • Rocky Mountain Children’s Choir
  • Beach Court Technology Club featuring keyboarding and coding skills
  • Soccer for Success: US Soccer
  • Beach Court Math Club featuring Marilyn Burns, IXL and NCTM Illuminations
  • Creative Writing Club
  • Colorado Honor Band
  • Violin-Stapleton Neighborhood Music Center
  • Chess Club
  • Basketball Math (NBA Sponsored)
  • Girls on the Run

Be Tech-Savvy-Beach Court is a STEAM School!

  • Students experience STEAM Learning in the Campos Smart Lab for 135 minutes a week where they work with robotic Legos, circuits, green screens, programming and coding, animation and much more!
  • Beach Court proudly offers Promethean interactive boards in every classroom.
  • Differentiation for students will be enhanced with a 1-to-1 iPad program and online learning
  • Beach Court Technology Club offering keyboarding, computer coding skills and integrated learning!

Be Well-Rounded

Beach Court students work hard, and play hard! Our specials, before- and after-school clubs and special programs extend our standards-based academic program. We give students hands-on opportunities to continue to grow in core subjects while having fun!

  • All students participate in PE/Dance, Music, Computers, Library and Art on a rotating daily basis.
  • Our 4th and 5th graders perform the Nutcracker annually
  • Students participate in golf, aerial fabrics, skateboarding, dance and vocal performances throughout the year.
  • New! Learning Landscape, Playworks learning supporting teamwork and play on our amazing playscape, and extensive grass fields.
  • Reading Rocket – Climb on board for reading fun! The Denver Public Library Bookmobile visits Beach Court every week.
  • All students participate in a World Language Block Daily! Spanish-speakers learn English and English-speakers learn Spanish.