How does Beach Court compare to surrounding schools?

Beach Court outperforms its neighboring schools! Click here for more information on how Beach Court compares! Beach Court was rated GREEN on the State Report Card and Yellow on the DPS Report Card. The State revised their color to match DPS’s rating of Yellow even though Beach Court is at 56.2% which is Green/Meets Expectations…. Continue Reading

Take a virtual look inside our school!

Due to Covid restrictions, we are unable to bring parents and visitors inside to see our amazing school, so we have created a virtual tour of our building! Enjoy!Click here to see our school Continue Reading

Beach Court is a Title 1 School!

What is a Title 1 School? Click here for more information. English Spanish Have a question about Title 1? Leave it here. Continue Reading

Interested in Beach Court for the 22/23 school year?

Join us for a Virtual Open House on January 31st from 9:00-9:30 am and February 3rd from 3:30-4:00! Join us here Click here for the link Click here for a preview of the tour! Continue Reading