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Principal’s Message

Dear Beach Court Families,

Earlier this week, the Beach Court CSC approved the 2016-2017 school budget.  Thank you to parents who gave input on budget priorities at the CSC Meetings. Parent input along with staff, the SLT and CSC helped us to develop our budget. Due to lower enrollment projections, the CSC worked to make important decisions that had overall minimal impact on classrooms.  Please see 2016-2017 budget summary below.


Classroom Teachers2 ½ day ECE-3 Classes (1 E, 1 S)2 Full Day ECE-4 (1 E 1 S)2 Kindergarten (1 E, 1S)2 1st Grade (1 E, 1 S)1 2nd Grade (1 S)1 2/3 Grade (1 E)1 3rd Grade (1 S)3 4/5th Grade (1 S, 2 E) SpecialsVisual Arts/MusicPE/DanceLibrary/Technology Special Services1 days psychology1 day1 nurse5 days Health Tech2 days speech1 day gifted and talented5 days a week Math Tutors½ day Teacher, ½ Day Senior Team Lead (Classroom Support to be determined by the SLT)ECE Full-Time Paras

Kinder Para

2 ELA Paras

2 General Ed Paras





Leah, Dahlia, Lynne, Melissa, Elina, Adam, HR, Mark, Budget
M: more that had to be ribbed that originally thought. Asked HR and Budget to come out to help explain what happened at budget table. Really tried to honor everything that CSC asked for. Budget is here to explain the budget.
Budget: Here to support budget. Wants to make sure everyone understands school based budget.
·         Explains SBB (SChool Based Budget) DPS allocates dollars per students, unlike other districts, separate allocations for FRL, special needs, ELL’s. Bottom line kids increase, schools budget increases
·         DPS budgets $66,197
·         Diving into Beach Court
·         Enrollment based on projections
·         2 weeks between projections of students and budget
·         Beach Court projected @ 18 kids down from Fall Adjustment
·         Planned for $120,834k difference
·         $120,834 is what was planned for.
·         Planning for FY17
·         Difference went from $120k to $234k
·         Carry forward was $28k
·         Extra funding during fall adjustment was not accounted for
·         Used carry forward which is very common in schools
·         Budget assistance allocation for $65,633k for FTE
·         total of the additional costs brought difference to $234,504k in the negative
M: Asks for questions
Member asks why we did not have these numbers
Budget: says that we do not have this information til budget
M: clarifies the money that was given last fall?
Budget: yes, last year when budget was created BC was projected, and then down 50 kids. District allocated amount to help students.
M: so we are deducting it now because we got it in the fall?
Budget: we are not deducting it now, the difference between FY16 and FY 17
M: so you are saying we have to pay back?
Budget: No, you have less to spend in FY17. We had it to fund FY16, you do not have it to spend now.
M: the $20k?
Budget; It was like short term loan
M: I am going to move to what reductions were. We took CSC recommendations, we were able to convert the TLC to .5 teacher, we reduced 1 para, we tried to not reduce the other .5 para, the reduction includes them not working non student contact days, we reduced two teachers, 1 will be in we looked at district priorities which is Literacy in K-1. Best combination will be ⅔ and then in . Those teachers will be platooning or teaching block schedule. They will need to be S in order to support this. The SLT will look to help figure out schedule. We reduced some out of the general budget. We tried to look at everything in the building, little from here little from there. We tried to trim down everywhere. We were able to put the 33k back in to make the .5 PE and the .5 Dance. Reduced nurse to 1 day, HealthTec to 5 days, we reduced Mental health, we asked for budget assistance, and for a 1.0. 
M: so you can repeat ⅔
L: it is a second grade 2S, 3S, ⅔ E. In they will have to be S.
A: it is important to clarify that the teacher will have to be S certified because 1 group will be in S as they move in the 3 blocks. you have 3 classrooms, given schedule, each teacher they see  has to be S certified. Originally it was discussed there would be ELA E/S, that is
M: clarifies that E teachers will be ribbed then they will be rehired with S teachers.
M: in ⅔ there will be 3 teachers, 1 is 3 S, 1 is E, one is ⅔ E/S split. How will we house them?
L; SLT will have to decide, and how to use para support, TLC support, that is a good point, and SLT will have to take into consideration
M; so basically in ⅔ one ELA E teacher will be leaving?
L: yes, that is correct.
M: will we get specifics?
L; yes we will get letter out.
M: it would be nice if before end of day everyone checks and approves it. If you make a change, send a change version.
M: so before we conclude, I know we had put on a wish list.
L; so that money is earmarked specifically for support, it is not  money that can be touched.

CSC Budget Meeting Minutes:

February 4, 2016

Amy-stated the norms, share out the coffee mtg. minutes

Elina-read agenda timeline & Leah translated

Amy-went over the coffee question and answer sheet & Leah translated, next parent coffee in March

Leah-presented scenario that is recommended from SLT,

Scenario from SLT

K-2 remain 1 ELA E and 1 ELA S                      Grades 3-5 E/S and S       4/5 E/S and RIB down to 3 classes

1.5 Paraprofessionals

1 Secretary

4 hr. Clerical

Parent input-

Parent- In the 3-5 classroom would it look the same as now?

Member- If we are going with E/S teachers what happens to the ELA E teachers in 3-5? Leah-They are contracted with DPS, have 2 cycles to gain a job, hiring fair, etc.

Member-Why is there a need to change the structure from this year? Leah- would allow for lang. flexibility and need, grouping of students

Teacher- possibly could have split classes with this scenario due to numbers, needs etc.

Parent- How does that work with having two different grades in one room, 4th/5th? Leah- Expeditionary learning and standards are similar, nice for high performing 4th graders, can elevate the learning in the classroom,

Parent- Could have different levels? Leah/Elina-Can differentiate the learning

Parent- Will there be additional support for teachers if they have splits? Leah-bases on 25 sts per class, can have additional help

Parent-What happens with funds? Is there extra money the district will donate? Leah- a lot of budget cuts across the district, compared to other schools we are not hit as hard ( down 18 students)

Parent-How did the district come to those numbers (-18)? Adam-because of recession, lower birthrate

Parent/Para-We would like the above information as facts, data…Leah- go to DPS webpage, BC website, enrollment maps, data, etc. Adam-Can try to find census information

Parent- document written by ELA people in administration building, (read quotation)

Will the E/S class be truly effective for S students as well as the E students? Leah- this configuration will allow more flexibility in grouping and differentiation of students. E sts will learn in E and S sts will learn in S.

Member- If this was working in 4 and 5 why are we moving it down to 3rd grade? Leah- allows more lang. shifting,

Parent-Will you elaborate on grouping? Leah-gave example, teaming with another teacher, 1 teacher works in small group in Spanish, another group works in English, each group based on levels

Parent- How much time is allowed for that? Leah-20 min. groups, 1 ½ hrs. per day

Member- You are talking about groups and passing from teacher to teacher, how is this different from now? Only going from 4 teachers to 3 teachers so all three need to know Spanish, just would get instruction in language the student needed. This is a special skill set that the teachers would have (all bilingual)

Parent/Para- Is it more expensive to pay for a ELA S teacher?-Leah- no, same cost in budget.

Parent- Do you want to make a Charter school? Leah-history of public school. I want BC to be a high performing public school for our children.”

Parent- High performance was already there, my opinion is it is going down, good E teachers, Leah-Orange school, 9% on PARCC, not high performing

Parent-I was in DPS meeting, some schools in South doing well, are you looking at successful schools for ideas? Leah- applying for STEM grants, always looking for good ideas.

Teacher-It looks like someone will be RIB due to budget so need E and S in 4th and 5th, and put extra teacher to help in 3 ELA ???

Parent-Why don’t you answer our questions directly? Leah I try to answer them directly. Thank you for your feedback.

CSC Budget discussion- Vote on top preference for top recommendation to take further. Posters on board are for reference

m-referenced cost configurations, these are the final #s 6,700. Per student, down 18 students, arts mill money is 33,000. Position costs-teacher 66,000       para 25,000  secretary 41,000, 1 day to 2 days mental health (now required),

m- Why did we have only 1 mental health last year? Now it has changed to 2 days for next year

required to have 1 team lead or 1 Dean of Instruction, senior team lead-teacher leader. The Dean would be like an effectiveness coach, the team lead would only teach .5 (like intervention) and .5 support teachers.

m- Our vote of recommendation is something that we would like for consensus and then take it to budget then Leah determines how to take the recommendation as a resource for the final decision. Leah would like a wish list for the budget as well to take to DPS budget

m-Typically, have seen then look at current resource and then look at deficit, I would like to see current staff, then see other services like interventions and how they were funded Leah-1 interventionist was funded as special assignment and the other was gifted back as 1.fte for 2014-2015 year and not for this next upcoming school year.

Elina takes over writing minutes

M= says that it is frustrating that there are additional funded positions centrally, gifted to Beach Court, and that Beach Court has historically worked with 350 students with one administrator.

m- asks how hard is it to change that? Agrees that we do not need that much administration. Is it possible to change with centrally funded portion.

Adam responds, because Beach Court is an orange school, and has been for a number of years, it has received very direct money earmarked. A classroom teachers responsibility has increased likewise as it has with administrators, to support teachers. The positions looked at as support.

M= it would be better to have more teachers in the classroom.

M= responds that is something that you can put down on wish list. Leah can take into budget. Has never heard of that happen. A Dean of Instruction provides support, and Team Lead is a part time teacher.

m- feels if we could move money it would be great.

Leah will add in lieu of more admin positions it would be good to have more teachers. Leah adds that this is good Adam can hear this.

m- asks about the clerical.

Adam adds that clerical would be 1 hour=$3200 a year

m- asks about projected numbers, the numbers are different. So she is confused.

Leah responds, she met with ELA Partner again today, the projections have changed. Leah explains the projections. Leah shares the numbers today, vs. the projections from 2 weeks ago. This is what we should work off of.

m-, if we were to eliminated the additional arts mill and the 4 hour clerical could this help. Member wants to keep main secretary.

Leah asks CSC to compute total deficit.

m- asks for clarification on 33K

Leah explains Mill Levy money, and how to take the Mill Levy money to .5 dance, .5 PE. The requirement is at least a .5 PE. Leah explains it is swapping money.

m- asks if this is correct?

Begin discussion about clarification that they received from budget. She is understanding that the 33K is earmarked as arts enrichment money, the 33k could go into PE position.

Adam adds you can keep what you have configured but the overall deficit won’ t come down.

M= clarifies this would bring back the 120k, down to 87,600k.

Leah adds in that Beach Court has to add in the 15k for Psyche services.

New total is 102,600k deficit that Beach Court needs to cut.

Music teacher is currently classified as Music

m- if additional Arts Mill Levy funding could be used for 4/5 support. Could that be used as a 4/5 team. Could senior Lead be .5 to support 4/5.

Leah what she understands is that it has to be Music, Arts, Dance or Drama and ss have to receive a grade.

M- clarifies senior lead position. The senior lead would have to teach part time.

5:38 called as time

M-r says you currently have 2 teachers and E and an S at each grade level.

M- clarifies that projections seem to be more English speakers come in. They are just projections.

M- asks could we keep things as they are.

Could that RIB happen in a different grade? What would it look like if Kinder, 1st went down to 3 teachers. Could RIB happen at one of those levels.

Nervous about paras.

Leah clarifies that it is about flexibility and how do we staff to support all kids?

How many paras do we have? 2 bilingual , 3 gen ed, ece does not come into this because it is centrally funded, and a health tech para.

Member asks if we have nurse for 2 days? We have a nurse for 2.

Member asks if we talk about if we only RIB one teacher, clarifies if we are going to RIB two teachers, suggest we talk about where teacher RIB will be. A secretary would be more than that. A para gets us close.

Member says if we only focus on 1.5 para we would reach the deficit and have a cushion.

Member calculates a para 1.5 cost. A secretary would not be necessary.

Member says is there enough to put a para back.

Member clarifies it is only 900$ left to work with .

Leah says with RIB paras she worries about supervision, playground.

Member asks if we could not require 2 Special Ed teachers,

Leah says it must be 2 because of the case load.

Member says we did have 2, then in the fall it went down.

Leah says now the number is up.

Members says she hears the concerns of RIBing paras. Worries that office is busy, and worries about the pressure on 1 person in the office. RIB 1.5 seems more realistic

Member says add to wish list PARAS.

Member says Intervention is important on the wish list. We usually have this on our wish list.

Member says that with the TEAM LEAD, looking at a .5, if we were gifted that we could have Intervention could then be done in English and Spanish.

Member asks didn’t they originally give us 2 this year?


Member asks about the Secretary position, the 1 full time secretary would be bilingual?

Leah clarifies that one of the 2 positions would have to be bilingual, either the hourly or secretary.

Member says so financially does 1.5 para and 1 teacher can we operate from that view?

Member asks if we could take secretary off?

Member says we seem covered by 1 teacher and 1.5 Paras?

Leah clarifies is this one recommendation to submit for a vote?

Member clarifies how secretary was added into RIB.

Member says as far as recommendations does it need to be specific?

Leah clarifies that the committee decide. It needs to be as clarified and precise as you can in recommendation.

Leah says that the budget are hard and fast now, conversation is a little different because this is where we are now.

Member asks, there was a budget cut in the fall, could this happen again?

Leah says yes, depending on if we meet or exceed.

Member asks if budget meetings happen twice a year?

Leah says yes, it does happen twice a year.

Member says as we are looking at this, are we just talking about 1 teacher at a grade level? Or E/S?

Leah says that what she is hearing is that a teacher needs to be cut somewhere.

Member asks about total numbers in 1st grade.

Member asks does the school get any financial gain from the 3 year old.

Leah says, yes if siblings come who are k-5, and creates feeder. But no, 3 ECE is centrally funded.

Member clarifies grade total.

Leah talks about classes, 3 groups, and class sizes.

Leah has another idea, senior Team Lead, they would block schedules differently, a 4/5 split you would not have a class of 33.

Member asks if that would require all teachers to be E/S, or could they remain E. If Senior Team Lead, person is bilingual, keeping 2 E’s.

Leah says if they could teach in Spanish maybe.

Member goes through numbers and classroom teachers. Regrouping the students would be staffed by 1 ELA S teacher and .5.


Member asks if we have a qualified teacher could it go into the position.

Leah says she has not had anyone express interest, but it could happen. There are many positions centrally funded that have been cut and now in hiring pool.

Members says, with S students. 4/5 would become a non traditional split.

Members walk through potential splits.

Leah clarifies the Language Allocations.

Member says the Spanish .5 could service kids across because they are bilingual.

Leah speaks to ELD blocks.

Member asks district mandated EL 90 minutes, Bridges 90, ELD mandatory time. Bridges can be broken up, 20 of minutes could be in different part of day.

Member adds up total time with mandated times which is 3.5 hours. 7-45 minute blocks in a day. With 1 block canceled for specials.

Leah asks are we adding to recommendation:

Member states we want a senior team lead instead of Dean of Instruction. Would need to be .5 S teacher, .5 E/S Teacher Leader.

Leah clarifies the RIB would be in 4/5. Would RIB be S position that is RIBD or E.

Members say it would be an S.

Member asks about not filling the long term sub position.

Members map out how grade levels would work, how this will work.

Member charts.

4/5 grade ELA S is combined into a split.

1 ELA S and one is .5 ELA S TLCS



50% Spanish would have to occur with .5

Discussion around .5 position.


Member asks about math tutors who are in Spanish?

Member asks if 4/5 grade being taught in Spanish.

Leah says we are cleaning it up, 4th grade will be a true S. Up to 4th grade in compliance.

Member asks about way students were grouped.

Leah clarifies that they have Spanish support with math para currently.

Discussion about allocations.


Adam talks to vote of scenario proposed, or if not in consensus, as a possibility to move forward then continue or to take a vote.

Member ask about the 4th grade class, who are they receiving instruction from.

Para support and English.

Member is frustrated by it, because things are not how they are supposed to be.

ELA S position, was resigned.

Member asks if we have to have 2 scenarios.

Member asks if it is beneficial to have 2 scenarios.

Member says burden is heavy for all.

Member says she is comfortable with ribbing the 4/5 S teacher, Dean of Instruction, 1.5 paras.

Member asks if we could convert an Interventionist ELA S, could they pick up load.

Leah says that duties are as assigned, depending on whether ELA S or E.

Member states that voting members seem comfortable with Recommendation of 1.

Member is not comfortable with 1 secretary.

Member says we want paras or secretaries.

Member says that it is hard because everyone is important.

Adjustments made to request.

Member asks do we want to do 1.5 paras or secretaries.

Member says up top we are eliminating the teacher up on top.

Discussion about scenarios, and positions to cut.

Member asks about scenario in 4/5 SLT scenario.

Leah explains serving S and E teachers serving 3 classes.

Recommendation being discussed.

Member says if we RIB teacher 1 secretary it would give us enough for a 5 hour para.

Member says that paras could then support ELA S classroom.

Leah clarifies that we would have to RIB out Gen ed paras and hire for ELA S paras.

Member asks about paras and office.

Member asks about paras being used when students are in specials.

Leah says that 10% would have to be clerical.


Member asks for clarification on ELA S, changes and are we talking about program or teacher change.

Leah clarifies it is not program change because we are still TNLI, it is a qualification change, because they would be teaching 3 classes.

Member asks if we can leave 4/5 the same way, the change would be switch secretaries for paras?

Member says it is important to stick with 2. Says that she feels that everyone wants the recommendations 1.

Members says RIB is where we eliminate 4th grade Spanish.

Leah says no contract does not end it is the waiver ends and she has to rehire.

Member clarifies that 2 English teachers would be RIBd, rehired with ELA S teachers.

Leah clarifies that everyone would need to be requalified.

Member says take off 3rd. Under SLT it is about qualifications.

Under Recommendation we figured out how to get out of qualifications.

Member asks if #1 does not work, then what happens doesn’t it come back to CSC?

Adam clarifies that no, it will not come back to CSC.

Members clarify what happens to SLT recommendation?

Leah clarifies that no, I will only take what you recommend.

Adam clarifies that they will take in what was said.

Member says we want to make sure that Scenario from SLT is not put forth because we do not like it.

Adam says that some of the requirements that will come forth.

Member is asking what happens if they do not like the Dean of Instruction.

Discussion about teachers and paras.

Funding vs. support.

Supporting kids


Discussion around wish list.

Voting take place for 1 and recommendation 2.


Amy is given ballots.

Amy reads votes:

1 xxxxxx Unanimous Vote


If something happens with 1, what is then the decision, paras or secretaries.

Member says 4/5 would be RIB 2 English teachers. Rehire 2 teachers ELA S teachers.

Vote is to take off secretaries off scenario.

Ribbing 1.5 paras

Comments on putting paras on wish list.

Is 3rd grade E/S off the scenario?

Yes, agree to take off.